We harness the capabilities of contemporary A.I.-driven platforms and tools tailored to match your business needs.
Imagine a unified system and unlimited marketing requests so you can focus on delivering your product or services.

All of this is available for a simple monthly fee, ensuring endless possibilities for your marketing endeavors!

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If You Are Here You Probably Need Help

We haven’t met a business owner who isn’t looking for better and easier ways to market their business and get more customers. Skip the hassle of vetting developers for your website, hiring various employees to handle your marketing activities, and monitoring all your marketing and sales activity in multiple systems.
We will help you implement proven solutions and tools as an integrated solution. It’s a solid approach for startups and businesses.

Welcome to the future of AI, Software and Automated Marketing

Reduce Costs

Minimize unnecessary costs hiring expensive or unqualified developers. Let's focus on high ROI development tasks while you focus on your business.

Increase Speed

Eliminate slowdowns with speedier implementations and fewer meetings, accelerating your deployment process by up to 4x.

Quality Control

Ensure effective ad or workflow deployment by iterative delivery throughout a campaign

Doubling Down on Success: Let's Build a Custom Solution for your Business

Discover a new level of streamlined tools and processes like you’ve never experienced before. Using vetted core platforms, AI and No Code to reshape your business. With an integrated, automated solution, executing your marketing strategy will become less stressful and save time and money.

How It Works

Transform the way you engage with agencies and outsourced services. Simply subscribe, add your project or task details, and monitor activities as we set up and deliver your initial request within a remarkable 72-hour timeframe.

Step 1. Book a Discovery Call

Schedule a Discovery Call with us to better understand your business, project idea, and clarify your needs. We’ll review your current systems and processes and create actionable next steps while answering any questions you may have about our service.

Step 2. Subscribe & Add Your Project Details

Once subscribed, we’ll immediately setup your project board where you can add your project details. This includes uploading designs, weblinks, functionality, and all the information needed that will guide the support or development process. Don’t worry we will guide you through the process.

Step 3. Create Your Project Tasks

We will take your project details and break them down into actionable tasks. Your Team Lead or Developer will then create a weekly task tracker that will be due each week. Each task will be marked for your review once completed.

Step 4. Request Unlimited Revisions

Review your tasks and if you desire, revise the task until you’re 100% satisfied. Once you approve a task, we move on to the next task and add that activity to the next week. If a task from a previous week remains “in-progress” that task will rollover into the next week’s activities.

Step 5. Track and Manage your Progress

Watch as we tackle and complete your tasks to bring your vision to life.

Simply login anytime to track your projects progress using Trello. We make it easy to review tasks, assign revision, add comments, etc… We understand that your needs can fluctuate. That’s why you can pause your subscription if you have no tasks and resume when you do.

What We Do Best

We didn’t reinvent marketing platforms or automated tools – we make it accessible, efficient and affordable (even to the smaller business). The era of misaligned and inefficient processes is out.

Experience the accelerated pace of working with a partner, achieving up to 5x faster project completion, and your first task completed within 72 hours.

Optimized Technology Stack

Focuses on improving the marketing-specific aspects of your tech stack. This innovative approach typically reduces the number of required tools in your tech stack from an average of 13 to just 5. This reduction not only simplifies operations but also significantly cuts down on costs and complexity, allowing for more effective marketing strategies.

Automated Onboarding & Task Management

Activity is powered by Trello. This platform transforms team project management and onboarding to provide you with real-time transparency. It provides exceptional task tracking and idea development, enabling efficiency and simplicity for all team members. AI is embedded and available as needed within the tool.

Custom AI Automations & Workflows

Tailored to your business, streamline everything from lead generation, sales funnel management to customer support, integrating seamlessly into your business. This strategic approach enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness in delivering products and services.

No Long Term Commitments

Choose the ease of a monthly subscription, allowing you to pause your plan when tasks or projects are scarce and pick it up whenever the workload returns. There are zero contracts or long-term commitments typically required by traditional agencies.

Consider the Endless Possibilities...

AI Tailored Dashboard

Customization of your dashboard to suit specific data needs and views

Optimized Tech Stack

Focuses on improving the marketing-specific aspects of your technology stack

Automated Onboarding

Providing and automated onboarding and tracking system to keep the customer engaged and informed

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Provide best in class experts manage your social media campaigns and ad buys

Custom Websites

Create a unique and visually appealing website (or landing page) tailored to your brand

Website Chat Bots

Build custom AI chatbot for your website

Artificial Intelligence

Develop Simple to Sophisticated AI Applications and Content

Workflow Automation

Integration of automated systems to improve processes and efficiency of your marketing

Email Campaigns

Setup and automate delivery of your email campaigns for the year, month or nurture campaigns for your leads and prospects.

Course Development

Assistance with the automation for course development and setup.

Reputation Management

Automate and customize your review and testimonial requests. Track your reputation from a single dashboard.

Customized GPTs

We can develop your own GPT for your business. Integrate these GPTs to streamline your marketing campaigns and promotions.

Connect and Enhance your Company's Existing Tools

We understand every business has a unique history and knowledge base. Working with the Next Stage Strategies team, we will craft a solution that aligns with your existing characteristics and specific needs of your business.

The Development & Tracking Approach

Building great stuff isn’t just going through the motions – For a brilliant outcome, it’s about sticking to a solid game plan. We take managing and tracking progress seriously and understand accountability.

Below is an example of what your dashboard could look like.

We understand each project and task is unique. Check on the progress as often as you like.

You have thorough control and transparency into the process.

Pricing Plans

One subscription, unlimited possibilities. Our pricing model is as clear and straightforward as it can get. 

Pay a simple, flat monthly subscription fee and unlock unlimited access to our solutions.  No hidden charges, no additional fees. You are in full control of canceling or pausing your subscription at any time.

Enjoy unlimited requests, revisions, and tasks. We will continue to work until you’re 100% satisfied with our solutions.

Standard Plan

Single Team Lead / Single Sprint


Double Time Plan

Dual Team Leads / Double Sprints


Frequently Asked Questions?

Next Stage Strategies emerges as the ideal marketing partner for entrepreneurs and businesses of varying scales, who are committed to enhancing their market impact and operational efficiency. We recognize the challenges associated with hiring full-time marketing professionals – the exhaustive process of screening candidates, the substantial costs involved, and the potential for mismatched expertise.

To address these concerns, Next Stage Strategies presents a more streamlined and cost-effective approach. We do the hard work of building and managing the right teams with the right skills, and provide you access to an extensive network of highly skilled, pre-vetted marketing experts, each with diverse specializations. This approach enables you to leverage top-tier marketing talent without the financial commitments associated with full-time salaries, thereby offering significant cost savings.

Moreover, our sophisticated project management system revolutionizes the way you initiate and track marketing projects. You can effortlessly input your requirements and monitor their progression in real time, assuring that your initiatives are consistently aligned with your business objectives. If you’re looking to optimize your business, elevate your digital landscape, and do so in a budget-friendly manner, Next Stage Strategies is your ideal choice. Let us handle the complexities of your marketing needs and development, while you focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Excellent question! Hiring a full-time team can be costly, you have salaries, employment taxes, plus the extra costs of benefits. The hiring process itself can also be lengthy and challenging. More importantly, your workload might fluctuate, leading to periods when you don’t have enough tasks to fully utilize the employees. By using our subscription agency membership, you only pay for the tasks or development work you need, enjoy the flexibility to pause or resume your subscription as required, and avoid the financial burden of an underutilized in-house employees.

With our subscription service, you can add or edit as many projects or tasks in your Requests queue as you need. Our team will compile and organize these projects or tasks in your queue and turn them into weekly “Sprints”. Tasks inside of a sprint will be completed that week, and each week a new sprint will occur, comprised of new tasks. Each task in a sprint will go into “Customer Review” once completed ensuring that it’s completed to your satisfaction before moving on to the next set of new tasks. Once you approve the project or task, this will open up the sprint for the next week for new tasks in the queue.

With a Standard Subscription, projects or tasks will be added only to 1 weekly sprint at a time.

With a Double-Time Subscription, projects or tasks will be added to 2 weekly sprints at a time.

If you’d like to have multiple sprints simultaneously you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

The turnaround time for your task or development depends on the complexity of the task. On average, most tasks requests are completed in just 24-72 hours. However, more complex tasks may take longer to finish.

You will likely be tracking “Sprints”, these sprints are comprised of multiple tasks the coordinator or developer has prioritized and are completed in that week. Any tasks that are still in progress once the sprints end will roll over in the next week’s sprint.

How It Works: An active project is broken down into vital building blocks called “Sprints”. Multiple tasks are selected then compiled into a weekly sprint. A sprint typically represents 3-6 tasks that will be completed within the week. The number of tasks assigned to a sprint vary based on the difficulty and specificity of your request.

Here are some examples of project timelines:

  • Large Projects (4-6 Months): “Transition my business to an integrated marketing platform + AI Chatbot for a business”
  • Medium Projects (2-4 Months): “Craft a customized dashboard in my Marketing CRM”
  • Small Projects (1-2 Months): “Setup my annual social media campaign + Develop all the content with advanced AI”

Please note that these are general examples, and the number of tasks may vary depending on requests complexity. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality work, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of your project throughout the development process.

No worries! Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not happy with the task outcome or developed solution, we’ll work on revising it until you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

If you don’t need any work for a specific month, you can pause your subscription and resume it when you need our services again. There are no penalties or additional fees for pausing your subscription.

If you choose to pause your subscription while a Task is in progress, work will be suspended until un-paused.

If you choose to cancel your subscription while a Task is in progress, work will be suspended until you start a new subscription.

Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued once a Task is active and has started.

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