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As Generative AI Managing Director, I’m excited to be leading a dynamic team offering our Generative AI training, education & strategy based services to drive your business success. My 20+ years of seasoned expertise in the tech and business world uniquely position me to drive success in this endeavor.

Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a diverse skill set, specializing in business startups, product launches, systems integration, large scale systems transformations and business development. These skills have honed my ability to strategize, execute, and deliver results for large- and small-scale organizations. My extensive experience owning and operating several small businesses over the last two decades has provided me with firsthand insights into the challenges faced by small enterprises. I intimately understand the need for lead generation, simplified marketing automation, driving revenue and the relentless pursuit of results in a resource-constrained environment.

This background uniquely equips me and our team to steer your business to success. Our Next Stage Generative AI Solutions training, education & strategy services are tailored to empower your business. Leveraging the successful strategies and tactics from large scale program management, and entrepreneurial ventures, we are committed to providing you with the same exceptional level of tools to provide your business with the innovative and growth-oriented tools and solutions that can make a tangible impact to your bottom line.

This will be an exciting journey. I invite you to explore our services and experience firsthand how our expertise can be your competitive advantage. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey toward success!

Tara leads a local AI Digital Marketing Club in the greater Las Vegas area and routinely speaks at clubs and organizations on the strategy and tactics of the use and implementation of Generative AI solutions for corporate and small businesses.

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